Working with local schools

Our organisation is working closely with the local English schools in Bedford. Consequently, Polish children and teenagers have the opportunity to take part in Polish language lessons at their own schools during After Schools Clubs or Lunch Clubs. During these once weekly  lessons they receive professional teaching and support in learning how to read and write in Polish as well learning about Polish culture and traditions.  As well as formal learning children learn through language games, and play and creative activities. These clubs are open to all the children and give the Polish children the opportunity to share their language skills with their peers which in turn enhances their confidence and sense of belonging to the group. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that among our pupils in these classes there are also children whose first language is English and who have shown an interest in the Polish language and culture. These language clubs provide an ideal opportunity to make new friendships and build understanding.

We have an arrangement with some of the local schools whereby we provide individual tuition for some of the pupils and offer assistance in translating school newsletters for Polish parents as well as providing an interpreting service when required.